Thursday, March 31, 2016

Greece: Mufti curses Israel and the Jews, says Hitler was right

Ahmet Mete, mufti of Xanthi, in northeastern Greece.

During the Gaza war, European Muslims shared various quoted attributed to Hitler (see for example here, here, here and here)

Via The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece (h/t Against Antisemitism):
We were informed by a recent press article of the newspaper “Parapolitica” (March 19, 2016) that Ahmet Mete, a religious figure in Xanthi, during his speech delivered in August 2014, at the village of Glafki, stated inter alia: “Curse against Israel! For these are the ones turned into soap by the Germans. But Hitler was right when he said: now you will be angry with me but one day I will be proved right about the Jews. Now our curse goes upon them, and our prayers upon our brothers”.  
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