Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Germany: University exam asks about fictional country 'I' persecuting fictional nation 'P'

Via Artuz 7:

Elias Paz, emissary for Bnei Akiva and the Jewish Agency in Germany, says that while people can lose their jobs over antisemitism, anti-Israelism is quite accepted.  He also says that while in public antisemitic comments are frowned upon, he had met quite a few people that in one-on-one meetings expressed antisemitic views.

For example, a prestigious university in Bochum gave an exam in which the students were told about a country 'I' that occupies a nation 'P' and persecutes and oppresses them.  When a Jewish student complained that the question gave out wrong information, he was told that this was not a real example and that 'I' was a made-up country.

Paz says he was recently walking down the street with the (non-Zionist) Chabad emissary.  A man approached them, as they both looked Jewish, and started shouting at them about the Israeli occupation.  Paz started explaining to him about the situation in Israel.  Throughout the discussion the man claimed he was attacking Israel, not the Jewish people.  But when he could not deal with Paz's explanations, he moved on to say that Jews control the wealth and media in Germany.

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