Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UK: Antisemite Ben White worries that Israeli anti-antisemitism initiative will damage fight against 'real bigotry'

The 5th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism will open tonight in Jerusalem.

British journalist Ben White explains why such a forum is bad.  Because it's organized by Israel.  Because he doesn't like the antisemitism activists who are participating.

White bashes the AJC (American Jewish Committee) and the British CST (Community Security Trust).

He thinks the only Jewish state is evil.  He thinks that the people and organizations fighting antisemitism are evil.

So when he ends by saying that:
Conflating BDS and antisemitism is also dangerous – it damages the fight against real bigotry in the name of protecting a pariah. 

I'm left to wonder what kind of antisemitism he thinks is 'real bigotry'.  Even if you think that BDS and various types of anti-Zionism is not itself antisemitic, the movement is plagued by 'traditional' antisemitism.

Has Ben White ever spoken up about this very real bigotry?  Has he done anything to fight it?

No.  Because he's usually too busy justifying and defending traditional antisemitism (see the ADL's profile).

It's only when Jews try to protect themselves, that people like Ben White remember to pop up and pretend that they really care about bigotry against Jews.

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