Monday, November 9, 2015

Netherlands: Anti-racist party commemorates Kristallnacht by comparing Jews to Nazis

Via Times of Israel:
Denouncing Israel for “racist policies” against the Palestinians, firebrand MK Hanin Zoabi of the Joint (Arab) List party accused the Jewish state of crimes akin to those committed by the Nazis. She was speaking at an event marking the anniversary of Kristallnacht in the heart of Amsterdam’s decimated Jewish quarter on Sunday.

Organized by the city’s far-left Platform Stop Racism and Exclusion, the commemoration drew more than 200 attendees, with dozens of them wearing kippot or draped in Israeli flags.

Leading up to Zoabi’s speech, several organizers delivered remarks comparing the Holocaust to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. At least half a dozen pro-Israel protesters were escorted from the gathering by security personnel and uniformed Amsterdam city police, when at various points they yelled in protest of the speakers’ condemnations of Israel.  more

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