Monday, November 9, 2015

UK: Scottish MP thinks Israel pays off Murduch and Rothschild with oil in return for war on Syria

Sandra White, a member of the Scottish Parliament for SNP and a pro-Palestinian activist, retweeted the following:

The link goes to a post by Craig Murray, a self-described human rights-activist, who has come up with a new bizarre conspiracy theory: Murdoch and the Rothschilds are urging war on Syria because Israel has given them oil exploration rights in the Golan Heights.

Charles Frith, the original tweeter of this article, is a hardcore antisemite.  Unsurprisingly.

White apparently deleted her retweet.  I see two options: either she tweeted this after reading the article, or she tweeted it without reading it at all. In either case, she's revealed her antisemitic leanings.

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