Thursday, November 12, 2015

UK/Spain: Rothschild pig cartoon - A Spanish left wing or a Spanish right wing perspective?

Background: Scottish MP, Sandra White, thinks Israel pays off Murdoch and Rothschild with oil in return for war on Syria  

Mark Gardner writes @ CST:

[...] The wording beneath ROTHSCHILD is “Banqueros y sirvientas”, Spanish for ‘Bankers and servants”. It is a sad sign of antisemitism today that nobody could say with any certainty whether the pig cartoon comes from a Spanish left wing or Spanish right wing perspective. It is seductive for both, even if the left usually finds it unacceptable to say the word “Jewish”, as in “Jewish money”.

This is the full version of the Rothschild half of White’s tweet:

The image superimposed on the pig, above the word ROTHSCHILD derives from American neo-Nazi websites. It has three Stars of David, one in red above BANK, below the picture of Lord Rothschild, the others on President Obama and former President Bush. The presidents are flanked by cartoon hook noses and hands being rubbed together. This is a close up cut and paste from one of the most commonly used antisemitic cartoons in US neo-Nazi circles.

Of course, even without the US neo-Nazi ‘BANK’ image, the picture is still antisemitic. It plays to the enduring antisemitic charge that Jews use wealth to control others to go to war on their behalf (or in Kaufman’s case, to turn a blind eye to Israel’s own actions). This allegation framed Hitler’s only public speech in which he basically threatened the Holocaust; and we should note that Goebbels made a film specifically about the Rothschilds and the Battle of Waterloo.

This what Sandra White blatantly evoked when she retweeted the image: but it is echoed every time a public figure states, or accepts, stupid conspiracy language about Jewish or Zionist money. [...]

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