Thursday, September 15, 2016

Belgium: "Peace" activist proposes to interrogate Israeli tourists

Brigitte Herremans is an anti-Israel activist for organizations such as the Flemish Catholic organisations "Broederlijk Delen" and "Pax Christi".  She was recently prevented from entering Israel.

In an interview on Radio 1 she said as follows (at about 24:40):

Interviewer: What are you concrete requests?

Herremans: "Our concrete request is obviously for sanctions against Israel, for example, to make it clear to Israel that it can't just go on with occupying the Palestinian territories and at the same time to broaden cooperation.  To put the cooperation [with Israel] 'on hold' in all possible fields. I think that it would be an important signal.  But also for example to subject Israeli citizens who come to Belgium to interrogation, here at customs. I mean-"

Interviewer: [about to interrupt]

Herremans: That's bullying, I know, so you don't need to do that..."

(h/t Geert V)

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