Thursday, September 29, 2016

UK: Jacqueline Walker apologizes for causing offence, blames Zionists for twisting her words

Jacqueline Walker posted the following explanation / apology for any unintended offence caused:
A number of people made comments in a private training session run by the Jewish Labour Movement. As we all know, training sessions are intended to be safe spaces where ideas and questions can be explored. A film of this session was leaked to the press unethically. I did not raise a question on security in Jewish schools. The trainer raised this issue and I asked for clarification, in particular as all London primary schools, to my knowledge, have security and I did not understand the particular point the trainer was making. Having been a victim of racism I would never play down the very real fears the Jewish community have, especially in light of recent attacks in France. In the session, a number of Jewish people, including me, asked for definitions of antisemitism. This is a subject of much debate in the Jewish community. I support David Schneider's definition ( and utterly condemn antisemitism. I would never play down the significance of the Shoah. Working with many Jewish comrades, I continue to seek to bring greater awareness of other genocides, which are too often forgotten or minimised. If offence has been caused, it is the last thing I would want to do and I apologise.

To sum up: she is not an antisemite, how can anybody believe that she is?

David Schneider's definition of antisemitism says that antisemites believe in a Jewish conspiracy.  She would never be so racist.  She just believes in a Zionist conspiracy.

In case you had any doubt as to who's at fault, on her Facebook, one of her supporters wrote: "I think this is the price of politics. You have to watch every word lest it be twisted against you."

Walker replied:  "Tell me that it is not just the Zionists who behave in this way please"

h/t Alex Wickham

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