Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Belgium: Youssef Kobo, Belgian Minister’s adviser on tolerance, not very tolerant

Aussie Dave has unearthed more hate messages by Youssef Kobo, a former rising star in Belgian politics...  In spite of all this coming to light, the Belgian media have unanimously praised him as a progressive and stated that he was very unfairly treated.  For more on Kobo (real name Youssef Aouriaghel) click HERE.

 From Israelly Cool:
There seems to be a fair bit of waffle coming out of Belgium these days (not the tasty kind), and now there is more – a minister’s adviser on tolerance being outed as rather intolerant.
A Belgian official who compared Israel to Nazi Germany and the Islamic State is no longer employed as a minister’s adviser on tolerance.
Youssef Kobo, the adviser on diversity for the minister in charge of equal opportunity in the regional government of Brussels, offered to resign after finding he could no longer fulfill his duties, a ministry spokesperson told the HLN news website on Monday.
Last month, Kobo apologized for his vitriol against Israel, which he said was a modern Nazi Germany and “an identical twin” of the Islamic State terrorist group. [...]
Normally when I hear of these stories, I race to social media to look for the offending tweets and posts, only to find they have been deleted. And this seems to be the case, with the ones that seem to have landed him in trouble.
But perhaps surprisingly, he has left up many other disgusting tweets, especially those in which he makes disgusting Holocaust comparisons.

kobo7 kobo6 kobo5 kobo4 kobo3 kobo2 kobo1

There’s also this one in which he seems indifferent to the plight of the Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

kobo holocaust
 And another one in which he compares us to ISIS.
kobo isis
So in addition to being a hatemonger, Kobo just doesn’t seem particularly smart. Unless he deliberately left up those tweets because he really is not contrite. 
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