Monday, January 9, 2017

Belgium: Anti-racism activist incites for more terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers in 'occupied Jerusalem'

We have written extensively about Dyab Abou Jahjah on this blog. A Hezbollah fighter who emigrated to Belgium, founded the antisemitic European Arab League, and led riots against Belgian Jews. A decade ago he returned to Lebanon to pick up a gun and fight once more against Israel.

When he returned to Belgium, he was received with open arms and offered a weekly column in the prestigious De Standaard. Because Belgians are interested in what he has to say.

He's now considered an anti-racism activist and has spoken at various such events organized by municipalities and human rights groups.  Anybody who complains is told that they're mixing up 'anti-Zionism' and antisemitism.

Following yesterday's truck ramming attack in Jerusalem against Israeli soldiers on a trip, Abou Jahjah expressed his support (h/t R)

"By any means necessary! #FreePalestine" source

An attack on occupation SOLDIERS in occupied territory is not terrorism! It is an act of Resistance. It is a recognised right under intetnational law. #FreePalestine (source)

Among the people who 'liked' this was Kris Merckx, a local politician for the far-left PVDA (screenshot here).

Abou Jahjah also wrote an article to help his supporters explain why it's okay to commit terror attacks in Jerusalem.   There he writes: "There is no argument whatsoever, ethically nor legally, to claim that it is illegitimate."

He then goes on to compare Israeli soldiers to Nazis, and the Palestinians to the brave uprisers of the Warsaw Ghetto.

"I personally never rejoice the death of a human being, even if it is an occupation soldier or a murderer. I wouldn’t even rejoice the deaths of Nazi soldiers if I was living in the 1940’s. However if people living in the Warsaw ghetto rejoiced the death of Nazi soldiers back then, who am I to judge?"

Abou Jahjah is probably not aware, but the attack took place on the Tenth of Tevet, a Jewish day of fasting to commemorate the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, and in more recent times - to serve as a religious day of commemoration for the victims of the Holocaust.

This is a day when Jews commemorate both their eternal bond to Jerusalem and their most recent victims of hatred.

But Abou Jahjah does not have any compassion for the Jews.  He does not think Jews have every right to resist the occupation of their land.  

John Kerry, US Secretary of State, recently explained that the US "could not, in good conscience, stand in the way" of the UN vote declaring Jews a colonial and foreign power in Jerusalem.

The United states and European countries are shocked at this terror attack, but in fact, by declaring Jews a foreign power in Jerusalem, they incited it.

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