Friday, January 6, 2017

Poland: Jews attacked by cafe employees for 'offending Christians'

Via CFCA, NaszeMiasto, gburrek:

Two Jewish couples were attacked in a Warsaw cafe on New Year's Eve

Cafe Foksal say that the the Jewish group was denigrating the Virgin Mary and talking about the superiority of Jews over Catholics, and that this was offending the Catholic crowd.

But the Jewish group says they were only speaking about Jewish relatives from Israel, and that this in itself offended the female bartender, who told them "I am Catholic, go talk about Jews elsewhere".   She started yelling insults at them, which soon escalated into a fight in which the Jews were physically attacked.

The Jews called the police, who only showed up half an hour later.  Since the injuries were minor, the police said there was nothing to be done and did not even write down the complaint.

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