Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Greece: Radio reporter says world money owned by Jewish lobby and 'in all big deals, one will meet a Jew'

Via Against Antisemitism:
Dimos Verykios
Greek journalist Dimos Verykios recently made antisemitic comments during the morning show “Happy Day” of Alpha TV channel. More precisely, he stated:
“The world money is concentrated in three centers: they are actually dominating the planet. One center is the banks, the global banking system. Through this banking system, two main centers are ruling the game. One of these centers is the Jewish lobby, powerful, extremely powerful in America and elsewhere! In all big deals, one will meet a Jew! Or a mason!”  
The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece in a statement condemned Verykios’ antisemitic comments and demanded an apology from the Greek reporter:
“We expect that he will realize his big mistake and apologize to the audience for the promotion of these unsubstantiated and false accusations, which do not inform at all the public but instead lead to misinformation and encourage anti-Semitism in Greece.”
Two days ago, Dimos Verykios denied on Twitter any “antisemitic intention” and claimed that he just said the “truth: The world money is owned by the banks-Jews-Masons”.
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