Wednesday, June 28, 2017

BBC: Holocaust is a 'sensitive' topic for Muslims

The following appeared in a BBC article "Muslim girls complain of Polish racism on Holocaust study trip"
The Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims because Jewish survivors settled in British-mandate Palestine, on land which later became the state of Israel.

This sentence repeats a common antisemitic Arab canard - that they're paying the price for the crimes of the Europeans, and that Jews have no rights to live in their own homeland.

It also erases Muslim complicity in the Holocaust and Muslim support of the Nazis.  In North Africa, Muslims were incited by Nazis to kill Jews.  In Palestine, local leaders contacted the Nazis to help them achieve the extermination of all the Jews in the Middle East. 

So yes, it's a 'sensitive topic'. 

The sentence was not needed in the article, but if it's already mentioned, the BBC shouldn't have repeated Muslim Holocaust denial claims without further explanation.

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