Friday, June 16, 2017

France: Robbery with a possible antisemitic connotation

Via Le Parisien:

The facts took place on Tuesday afternoon, in the 20th district of Paris.

A robber had spotted his victim.  He knew that the nanny took the babies to a park every day at 3 p.m. in a double stroller. He followed them and waited for them to go back home.

The man, who was wearing a see-through stocking over his face, forced his way into the flat.  He threw the nanny and the babies, aged 7 and 18 months, to the floor.  Then pointed his pistol at her temple. The babies shouted and he also took aim at them.

The nightmare had began and would last for twenty minutes. The nanny, 27, tried to defend herself. He hit her, locked her up in one of the rooms, pulled the curtains, tied her to the foot of a bed. He took her phone away and threatened to kill and rape her.

Valuables estimated at 120,000 euros were stolen.

The investigation for assault with a weapon and robbery was entrusted to the Parisian judicial police. The nanny is said to be "very traumatized" by their ordeal. Neighbors have been auditioned.

Questions have been raised about whether this premeditated crime has an antisemitic connotation - a Mezuzah hung at the entrance of the flat.

Article in French here.

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