Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Belgium: Antisemitic pornography at Aalst carnival

Note: not a single non-Jewish Belgian bothered to go to the carnival and make a protest.

Read: The ugly antisemitism at the Aalst carnival

Seen at the Aalst carnaval 2020.

This man's fake nose does not look at all like the other "Jew noses".  Disgustingly, the nose looks like a male sex. Even the Nazis did not dare. Not even for fun.

The man is holding a placard with "rules" for the "Jewish party committee":
1) No Jews in the parade
2) Dont make fun of the Jews
3) Dont tell the truth about the Jews
4) What the Jew wants will happen
5) Your drugs and black money are for us, the Jews
6) For other rules check with us

Typical anti-Semitic "Jew noses":

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