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France: Muslim anti-Semitism, Islamism, terror and "internal alyah"

Via Harry's Place - Cross-posted from Karl Pfeifer at  The German version was published @ Jüdische Allgemeiner (Frankreich "Die Täter sind tabu")

Georges Bensoussan’s Moroccan-Jewish family was forced to emigrate to France. As a historian, he has specialized in the Jewish history of Europe. He has also studied anti-Semitism among Muslim immigrant children for more than 20 years. He documented France’s "lost areas" [territoires perdus de la République] – the suburbs, the migrant social centers and the aggressive Islamism that exists there. Many politicians and the media remain in denial about these subjects…

Mr. Bensoussan, for some time now, when reading and listening to French media, there is a feeling that a new postmodern language is in vogue. How has this happened?

There is a new language aimed at obscuring reality behind words that mean the exact opposite of what they are saying. The new language wants the listener to doubt his own opinions and so be persuaded that the perceptions of the party, the organization, the elite – that this new „public opinion“ – is really just common sense. […]

There is also the new term "racisé". What does it mean?

Anti-racists propagate the idea of "racized" or to racialize so reviving and reshaping the old concepts of race and new life. As a result, racism has been energized in new ways. As far as anti-Semitism is concerned, people believe that it is now tolerant and compassionate to reject Jews in the cause of anti-racism. This leads to the paradox of ostracizing the State of Israel, as a "lesson from the Shoah" (can one speak of a lesson in relation to this catastrophe?). This really means that the Jews should be expelled from humanity again. […]
Could the next upheaval be more violent than the last two?

Politicians are aware that the next upheaval could turn into an uprising. You would no longer be dealing just with Molotov cocktails, but with weapons of war. The widespread illegal trade in weapons is well known, it takes place alongside the drug business. The political class and the security services are aware of this-the resulting uncertainty does not encourage openness, but instead, denial. […]
How do the Jews who live in the suburbs, react to anti-social Muslim neighbors?

With what is called the "inner alyah".

Does that mean they leave the problematic neighborhoods and move away to other parts of the city or regions?

Yes, they are safer there. For example, 80 percent of Jews have left the Department with the most problems – Seine-Saint-Denis in the north of Paris – during the past ten years.

So their first reaction is moving away – not necessarily abroad, but to quieter areas?

For example, in Paris, in recent years, the 17th arrondissement in the northwest of the city has become France’s most important Jewish quarter with 40,000 inhabitants, with a variety of kosher grocery stores, butchers and restaurants.

Would the next step be emigration to another country?

Between 2000 and 2018, 52,000 Jews departed for Israel, and we do not know how many emigrated to Québec in French-speaking Canada. Nobody denies the cause, which is anti-Semitism. However, the anti-Semites themselves are untouchable. The dead Jews are honored so that the living can be better forgotten. It is a pathetic display of defeat, combining denial and cowardice.
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