Friday, April 17, 2015

European FMs urge policy chief to label West Bank, Golan Heights settlement products

Please note: Europe wants Israel to transfer the Golan Heights to Syria immediately.  They think this will encourage the prospects of a just and final peace agreement.  I suppose they also believe transferring Gaza to the Palestinians encouraged peace in the region.  

Via Haartez:
The foreign ministers from 16 out of 28 European Union countries on Thursday sent a letter to EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini asking her to push forward the process of labeling goods produced in Israeli settlements that are sold in grocery chains across the continent.

The letter obtained by Haaretz (included below) is signed by the foreign ministers of France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Malta, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Germany is the only one of the five big European states not to sign on to the letter.

"We would like to draw your attention to the letter dated 13th April 2013 sent to your predecessor on EU wide guidelines on the labeling of settlement produce/products," reads the letter obtained by Haaretz. "…We remain of the view that this is an important step in the full implementation of EU longstanding policy, in relation to the preservation of the two-state solution."

"[The] continued expansion of Israeli illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and other territories occupied by Israel since 1967, threatens the prospect of a just and final peace agreement," the letter reads.

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