Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UK: Neo-Nazi march calls to "Burn Satan"

Via JP Updates:

Dozens of fascists gathered on Saturday in Newcastle’s Quayside to participate in a ‘White Man March’ organized by the far-right group National Action.

The protesters were met with dozens of anti-fascists holding a banner that read “Smash the White Man March.” Police were there to separate the groups and arrested nine people.

The event quickly turned anti-Semitic when one of the speakers repeated centuries old conspiracy theories that the world was run by Jewish bankers, Vice News reported. During the speech protestors burned an Israeli flag while others were screaming “Yes, burn Satan!”  more

Also present were members of the Polish nationalist party "Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (NOP)" (National Rebirth of Poland). NOP is a fascist and homophobic party that is notorious for using campaign slogans such as "Fascism? We are worse" and "Faggotry Forbidden." It seems weird that some Polish nationalists would be hanging out with the devotees of a man who killed millions of their countrymen, but I guess logical consistency has never been a fascist strong point.


Newcastle had seen the biggest openly Nazi demonstration in the UK for some time. On the one hand, that's quite concerning, but then again, the biggest Nazi march for ages wasn't really that big.  more

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