Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Italy: Pro-Palestinians groups harass Jewish Brigade at Liberation Day procession

Via Huffington Post:

Marches for the Jewish Brigade were insulted by pro-Palestinian marchers in Milan with insults such as "Zionist swine back to the pigsty", "Assassins, get out of the procession", "Get the Zionists out of the procession".

The Jewish Brigade fought for Italy during World War II.  The "Friends of Israel" association says though the Jewish Brigade always marches with Israeli flags, this time they did not do so, in order to prevent excuses for attacks.  They thank the Democratic Party which this year marched together with the Jewish Brigade.

The pro-Palestinian marched with flags which compared Zionism to Fascism.  For example, one which said "April 25 Liberation from Fascism and Zionism".

Previously, a Holocaust memorial group announced it will not participate due to continued harassment from pro-Palestinians.

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