Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UK: Green candidate calls Israel ‘racist and apartheid state’

Further evidence of European 'elites' obsession with Jews and Israel.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

 The Board of Deputies has called on the Green Party to condemn a parliamentary candidate, after she called Israel “a racist and apartheid state” this week.

Tanya Williams, the Green candidate for Twickenham, made the comments at an Amnesty International hustings on Tuesday. According to the news website SW Londoner, she said: “[Israel is] a racist state and an apartheid state. South Africa got its act together after decades of campaigning and I hope Israel may eventually too. I think it is time to stand up to the myth that Israel and Palestine are both equal participants in this conflict.”

She called on the UK government to cease political and economic trade ties with Israel, which she described an undemocratic. Ms Williams added: “I personally think we need to stop supporting Israel, whether that’s trading arms with them or politically, or treating them like a beacon of democracy in the Middle East which they are not.”  More.

The Jewish Chronicle further reports:

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said she backed the boycott of Israeli artists, musicians and academics in an interview with the JC on Friday.

Ms Bennett, who is standing for Holborn & St Pancras, supported the party’s official Israel boycott policy.
She said:

“We need to get the message across to the Israeli state. It needs to comply with international law and human rights.  The boycott of Israel is Green Party policy. It is a really difficult area, but I would support the policy.”

The Green Party manifesto, which was released this week, called for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which is worth more than £1 billion a year.  Ms Bennett, who has never been to Israel or the West Bank, said: “That agreement should be contingent on respecting human rights and international law. Until Israel is in compliance with international law, I don’t think we should have that trade deal. More.

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