Wednesday, April 15, 2015

France: Israel-bashing event at a state-run primary school

Neutrality and secularism in the public sector and in schools are part of  the "Republican values" the French hold so dear. But these sacrosant values are waived when it come to Israel.

Extrême Centre blog reports that an Israel-bashing event was staged at the Jean Macé primary school at Arcueil. One of the NGOs involved is the French-based Comité de bienfaisance et de secours aux Palestiniens (Committee for Charity and Support for the Palestinians (CBSP)).

Wikipedia states: The CBSP was listed as a terrorist fundraising group in Israel in 1997. Israeli police claimed the CBSP had provided cash rewards to the families of suicide bombers In August 2003, the CBSP was listed by the United States Treasury as a terrorist funding organization, also under the allegation that the organization fundraised for Hamas [so did Canada]. In November 2003, Australia announced it had frozen the assets of six leaders of Hamas, along with those of a number of charitable institutions - one of which was the CBSP.

Newspapers like Le Parisien publicized the event.

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