Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Poland: Presidential candidate accuses Jews of planning to take over Poland

Via Wyborcza, with thanks to Artur Szulc for translation help!

Grzegorz Braun is a religious right-wing politician who is running for President of Poland.

He recently gave a talk at the Agricultural University of Kraków where he spoke of his views regarding Jews.

He accused the new POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews of spreading anti-Polish propaganda and presented the Poles as killers of Jews.  (The US recently apologized for an article by the FBI director making similar allegations.)  He said that the government had to sell state-owned forests in order to respond to Jewish restitution demands.

Braun also said that a new new war is coming in Europe and that Jews will benefit from it, making Poland a German-Russian territory under Jewish control.

A majority of the audience applauded the speech, though some students described it as ridiculous.

The university will review their procedures as to why Braun was allowed to speak there.

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