Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sweden: Pirate Party leader - Jewish doctors shouldn't be allowed to refuse to treat Muslims

Anna Troberg, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, wrote a post this past November about freedom of religion as it relates to the workplace.  According to Troberg, people should be allowed to follow their religion, but not when it conflicts with their job.

This issue has made headlines in recent past when it comes to abortions, gay marriage or serving alcohol.  After discussing religion and bringing an example of a nurse who refuses to do abortions, Troberg asks who else should have a right not to do their job:
Should a gay emergency-room doctor be allowed to refuse to treat a skinhead who cracked his skull?  Should a racist pediatric doctor be allowed to refuse to treat children suffering from cancer who come from Somalia?  Should a Jewish orthopedic doctor be allowed to refuse to plaster a Muslim's leg?

Troberg is obviously not aware that in Israel, Jewish doctors treat terrorists even after they kill Jews.   She's also not aware that Jews value life very highly.  Why does Troberg think that a Jewish doctor wouldn't want to treat a Muslim in Sweden, just because he's Muslim?

By suggesting that there's a problem where none exists, Troberg is inciting hatred between Muslim and Jews.

Maybe somebody should remind Troberg that in Sweden, Jews suffer from Muslim antisemitism, not the other way around.

If Troberg wants actual real-life examples, here's one: A Dutch doctor refused to treat Jews, because he supported an 'anti-Jewish' sports team.

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