Saturday, April 18, 2015

Germany: Israeli delegation boycotted at Bundestag event

Via Times of Israel:
Israelis participating in an international fellowship program hosted by the German parliament were recently victims of a boycott at the Bundestag, when Palestinian and Lebanese representatives refused to appear with them on stage, Channel 10 News reported Thursday night.

According to the report, no action has been taken against the boycotters by program leaders.


The IPS leadership at first warned the Arab representatives that they would be expelled from the program should they persist in their refusal, but eventually caved and allowed them to appear on stage with other Arab nations, while the Israelis were forced to appear alone.
One of the Israeli delegates, who spoke to Channel 10 anonymously, said, “I am ashamed in the name of my grandparents, who survived the Holocaust, that I am forced to suffer a boycott for being Israeli.

“The only reason we’ve stayed here is that certain parliament members have expressed their disgust with the matter,” he added.


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