Monday, April 20, 2015

Germany:PEGADA/EnDgAmE discuss Jewish world control

A polemic statement with wild rumours about Mark Zuckerberg from the racist German PEGADA movement (Patriotic Europeans against the Americanization of the Occident) revealed some interesting mindsets about their followers.

Dirk Kracht: “needless to say [he] is a Jew!” 
Paul Schwob: “needless to say he is a Zionist too :( and these don’t know what Democracy is! Only Capitalism, and only for their like-minded people! damn riffraff !!!!!” 
Thomas Heiler: “Jew.” 
Oliver Sechzga: “well well, the offspring from the Rothschild house thinks so… so what? What does it concern me when a stray dog urinates on a wall?” 
Peter Ahrens: “Don’t trust the fox in the wild, and not the Jew with [their] oath.” 
Sky Eagle: “His ancestors are are coming from Palestine and are Jews – that explains it all!” 
Sebastian Herrmann: “Fucking Jews” (”Sch… J…” = “Scheiss Jude”)

PEGADA is now called EnDgAmE (Engaged Democrats against the Americanization of Europe).  See here and here for more about the movement

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