Monday, January 25, 2016

Belgium: Islamic State terrorist mastermind says "we will be the ones who liberate Palestine"

Anti-Zionism justifies terrorism against Jews and it justifies terrorism against non-Jews.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud (AKA Abu Omer al-Baljiki) is a Belgian Muslim, the mastermind of the Paris attacks. He was killed by French security forces in a raid in Saint-Denis.

Via i24 News:
The Islamic State group released a video Sunday featuring the messages from nine perpatrators of the Paris massacres which killed 130 people last November, and threatening "coalition" countries including Britain.

The 17 minute propaganda video, entitled "Kill wherever you find them," was posted on jihadist websites with French and English subtitles, and shows four Belgians, three French citizens, and two Iraqis said to be responsible for the attacks threatening more violence.

"Allah! Allah! On this day we will create rivers of your blood. With Allah's help we will be the ones who liberate Palestine," is the final message given by Abu Omer al-Baljiki, considered the "mastermind" behind the attacks.
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