Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Turkey: Anti-Zionist vandalism against synagogue

Via Today's Zaman (h/t CFCA):
Hate speech was recently spray painted on a wall outside the İstipol Synagogue in İstanbul's Balat neighborhood; the synagogue opened for a prayer service for the first time in 65 years earlier this month.

The writing on a brick wall just outside the place of worship read “Terrorist Israel, there is Allah [God]!” The writing has since been painted over.

The Jewish house of worship opened for a one-time Tefilah, a prayer performed three times a day, on Jan. 8.


Balat is historically a Jewish neighborhood in İstanbul. There are nine synagogues in the area but only two of them are currently active. Today, certain areas of the neighborhood are covered with spray-painted Turkish nationalist symbols, such as wolves and three crescents.
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