Sunday, January 17, 2016

Poland: Wall around Christian cemetery built from Jewish tombstones

 Via Ynet News:
A Polish city used tombstones from its Jewish cemetery to build a short wall around the Christian cemetery, an Israeli blogger was recently shocked to find. Food blogger Meir Bolka was searching Ostrowiec for the graves of relatives who perished before the Holocaust.


In the early 1960s, when Poland was ruled by a pro-Soviet communist regime, the country needed raw materials for construction. Because there was no Jewish population in the city, residents began dismantling tombstones from the Jewish cemetery and using them to build houses, sidewalks and more.

"I went to the municipality to figure out what happened and yesterday met with the mayor, city council members and other senior officials," said Molka, "with the goal of finding a solution and return the tombstones to their rightful place or else find some other solution that doesn't involve this desecration."

He added that "the mayor expressed appreciation of Jewish heritage and of the fact that we haven't forgotten the past after more than 60 years, and here comes someone from Israel to make this correction." 

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