Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ireland: National theatre symposium to discuss resistance against Israel

Abbey Theatre is Ireland’s national theatre.

They have recently announced the Theatre of Change Symposium, which will: "[F]ocus on the changes facing Ireland in the very near future. If you were to create a new State today what would your concerns be? What role will theatre and culture play in shaping this new society?"

Of course, that is an invitation to talk about how horrible Israel is.  An entire session is dedicated to discussing the horrors of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian and the Syrians.

The lecturers are all known anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activists:
Ray Dolphin  –  Gaza in 2020: A Liveable Place
Zoe Lafferty – Theatre, Resistance, Change
Taiseer Merei – Cultural Resistance in the Occupied Golan
Gideon Levy – The Israeli Society and the Endless Occupation

The Syrian Golan is currently occupied by Al-Qaeda groups, but the Abbey Theatre could not find one speaker to discuss "Cultural Resistance" over there.

In fact, I can think of quite a few concerns that face anybody who wants to create a new state in Gaza, the West Bank and even the Occupied Golan.  How do you prevent Islamic State from taking over, for example.  Can a national movement that grew out of antisemitic motives ever turn around?  What does Palestinian and Syrian antisemitism portend for other minorities under their control?

But I doubt any of those real and serious concerns would be discussed.   It's much more fun to discuss 'resistance', which just happens to be the new euphemism for the current wave of terror against Jews in Israel.

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