Sunday, January 31, 2016

Italy: 60% of Italians think antisemitism not a problem, 60% of Jews disagree

Via Times of Israel:
Conducted by SWG, a leading Italian pollster, with the cooperation of Italian Jewish paper Pagine Ebraiche, the survey interviewed over 1,000 representatives of the adult general Italian population between January 11 and January 13, 2016.

In the final question of the SWG-Pagine Ebraiche poll, those surveyed were asked, “Do you think anti-Semitism in Italy is still: very present/fairly present/little or not present at all?”

Over 61% of the respondents from the general population said that it is “little” or “not present at all,” with 34% opting for “fairly present” and only 4% for “very present.”

However, when the similar questions were posed to the Italian Jewish population in a different survey, 18% of the respondents described anti-Semitism in Italy as “a very big problem” and 45% as a “fairly big problem.” Another 36% of Jews said that it is “not a very big problem,” and only 1% “not a problem at all,” according to a survey by the London-based Jewish Policy Research.
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