Sunday, January 17, 2016

Europe: Anti-Zionist Jewish organizations campaign for Jew-killers

In 2013, Palestinian youth threw stones at Israeli cars.  Due to the stone throwing, one of the drivers lost control, swerved and hit a truck.  Adele Biton, a four year old girl, was seriously injured and after close to two years passed away as a result of complications from that injury.

Adele Biton, before Palestinian terrorists destroyed her life

Five Palestinian teenagers from the nearby village of Hares were convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison and a $7700 fine.

Pro-Palestinian activists claim this is an example of Israeli persecution, and are closely following the plight of the Hares Boys.

According to Israeli paper Shevii, Jewish activists are now campaigning for the rights of the terrorists. 

Paula Abrams-Hourani, head of Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, an anti-Zionist Jewish organization, is currently campaigning among fellow anti-Zionists to fund the fine for those poor kids.  Not Adele, of course, but the kids who were convicted of killing her.

After all, the girl was injured from a traffic accident.  Why should five Palestinian boys pay the price for a traffic accident?     This is the same type of logic that leads a British Labour MP to claim taht Jews have never been killed by Palestinian rock-throwing.

These organizations claim to stand for justice and human rights.   Justice is ensuring that a little girl's murderers will pay the price.  If they claim that the five boys were wrongly convicted, this means her murderers are walking free.  An organization that claims to care about a just peace should be demanding that Israel take the proper steps to arrest and jail the real murderers.

But, of course, nobody cares about bringing the 'real' murderers to justice. 

Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, like other anti-Zionist organizations, believes that Palestinians have a right to kill Jews, and they will fight for that right with whatever means they have: whether it's to claim that stones don't kill, that Israel made up the stone throwing incident or that the terrorists were wrongly convicted.

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