Wednesday, January 13, 2016

European news outlets not interested in current wave of anti-Semitism

Via Jonathan Sacerdoti  (h/t Yair Rosenberg)
Today a Jewish politician in France was found dead, stabbed multiple times. Yesterday, a Jewish man was attacked by a 15 year old with a machete, in Marseilles. This was the third stabbing of a Jewish person in Marseilles in the last four months, this time in the anniversary week of the killing of Jewish shoppers in the Paris kosher supermarket. Today the head of the Jewish community in Marseilles has said that for their own safety, Jewish people in the city should avoid wearing a kippa (Jewish head-covering for men) in the streets.

But when I phoned up Sky news to talk to them about it yesterday, they said they were only really covering David Bowie that day. Another Jewish man was attacked and robbed by Syrian and Afghan men shouting “Jew” in a German port town. I contacted a large number of news outlets about this wave of antisemitic attacks. So far there has been virtually no pick-up.

It is official: it is no longer news when Jews are killed in Europe.

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