Thursday, January 14, 2016

France: Authorities calling terrorists ‘unbalanced’ to cover antisemitic motives

The article perfectly reflects what happened.  First it was said that the attacker was "mentally unstable".  Then it was admitted that he had claimed antisemitism as a reason for the attack. Now the explanation is that he was radicalised on Internet- this was confirmed by the Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve.  The public prosecutor of Marseilles indicated that he was brought up "normally" by his family and added that his parents "fell off their chairs" when they heard the news.  Nobody had noticed a thing.  This scenario also applies when Jews are not the victims.
The Algemeiner reports:
Calling terrorists with seeming antisemitic motives “unbalanced” has become a politically correct cover for the perpetrators of antisemitic attacks, declared the director of international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

“While the [French] government takes firm protective measures, legal authorities now use a new euphemism as a politically correct cover for antisemitic terrorists, calling them ‘unbalanced’,” Dr. Shimon Samuels told the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF) on Tuesday.

“The sheer repetition of incidents seems to have a numbing effect on public opinion, even more apparent in the wake of the indiscriminate Paris assaults that, last month, took more than 130 lives… The Jewish target becomes a lesser priority in the welter of generalized violence,” he said.

Samuels’ comments came a day after a teenage Turkish student stabbed a Jewish man in Marseilles outside the Jewish academy where he taught. He called for a thorough investigation of the stabber’s school, family, mosque and social media to discover what may have motivated the teen’s attack. [...]

Indeed Israeli immigration figures said more than 8,000 French Jews immigrated to the Jewish state last year, more than any other year in history. France has the largest Jewish community in Europe, estimated at about 600,000, including many from North Africa. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew criticism from French leaders last year after the HyperCacher attack in Paris for encouraging French Jews to immigrate to the Jewish state.
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