Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ukraine: Jewish cemetery vandalized over and over due to park dispute

Via CFCA, Дзеркало Коломиї:

The Jewish cemetery in Kolomyia was vandalized two weeks ago: The security cameras were smashed and the prayer chapel was set on fire and burned down.

This is the last incident in a string of vandalism targeting the cemetery.  The prayer chapel had been burned down a few times, and a few dozen tombstones have been smashed.  Some of the tombstones had been previously saved from being used as building materials elsewhere in town.

Apparently some people do not like the fact that the gate to the park in which the cemetery is located been locked, preventing them from cutting through the area.  One of the suspects had previously threatened to 'blow up the cemetery' because they've 'received a lot of complaints about it'.

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