Thursday, August 14, 2014

Germany: Online comments celebrate 'Jewish' Robin Williams' suicide

An article on the Die Zeit site about Robin Williams' death resulted in many antisemitic comments.  These included: "You virtual Jew you. Now I'm in a festive mood, because this pro-Jewish, American cockroach died", "it's horrible what's happening in Hollywood. Everybody's Jewish, everybody's a pedophile. Why do you think this suicidal loser succeeded, because they're child-killer pedophiles."

Another suggested bombing the funeral, to kill off as many Jews as possible.

Tuvia Tenenbom, a columnist in Die Zeit, said that the newspaper is intellectual, liberal and leftist-leaning and that comments such as these show the hidden antisemitism within this public.

 Williams, who was not Jewish, played several Jewish roles and is considered 'pro-Jewish'.

More: Arutz 7

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