Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UK: Journalists told "F*** off Jews. We don’t want Jews here, f***k off Jews"

I WAS told this morning by a community activist in east London to be kind in this article to the Bengali Muslim youths who threatened violence last night…and who told me to “F*** off Jew, you’re not welcome here.” 
So let me state her well-meaning view that they’re “good boys” and that they’ve been raising much money for the victims of the terrible violence in Gaza. 
My wife, a Bengali Muslim herself, disagrees.  
She thinks they’re a “disgrace”, both to their families and to their shared community.
My wife is always right.


It may well be that yesterday’s incident was just local hooligans looking for a cause and identity, and acting territorially on their estate. 
But I think there’s probably more to it than that. They seemed to want a Jew-free zone. 

More: Daily Express

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