Monday, August 25, 2014

Netherlands: Pro-Gaza protest leader - "F**k the Zionists, F**k the Talmud"

A pro-Gaza demonstration in Amsterdam became (as usual) an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate-fest.  So much so that Socialists, who intended to participate - pulled out at the last minute because the speakers were too extremist for them. Minister of Foreign Affairs Timmermans (Labour), also dropped out.

Rapper Appa spoke from the podium: "I'm done with these Zionist dogs who are out for our money and blood!" and "F**k the Zionists, F**k the Talmud".

Flemish activist (respected op-ed writer and Hezbollah fighter) agreed: "I'm proud to stand on the same podium as Appa, he's said everything."

According to the organizers "Back To Palestine", the Netherlands is complicit in the Israeli crimes in Gaza and they condemn the position of the Dutch politicians.

The city of Amsterdam allowed the protest, because they do not want to ban freedom of speech. The police required the participants not to say anything discriminating or antisemitic, not to burn flags and not to carry flags of terrorist organizations like Hamas and IS.  

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