Monday, September 5, 2016

Belgium: Ilan Pappé is the guest of conspiracy theorist Michel Collon

Ilan Pappé will be speaking at a conference organised by Belgian conspiracy theorist Michel Collon.  The event is scheduled to take place on 25 September at Charleroi and is sponsored by the Belgian authorities (province of Hainaut).  Pappé will be talking about the "Propaganda by Israel, how to spot it and how to combat [sic] it".
Who is Michel Collon?  French feminist writer Caroline Fourest calls him the "king of Belgian conspiracy theorists".  Michel Collon is a minor figure in the "anti-Zionist galaxy" and has never made it to the top.  But he tries very hard and his anti-Zionist credentials and obsession can't be faulted...

Conspiracy Watch points out that Collon is a friend of truther and conspiracy theorist Thierry Meyssan.  Michel Collon is pictured below with two big big stars Dieudonné and Thierry Meyssan.
Dieudonné M'bala M'Bala, Thierry Meyssan and Michel Collon
Collon deems it is his duty to enlighten the European populace about the vile Zionists and published a book adapted to their poor level of knowledge of such an important matter.  The extremist and Islamist blog Soutien Palestine, Collectif Cheikh Yassine revealed Collon's concerns and how he intended deal with them: 
"How can the truth be restored when the Zionist myths are omnipresent in the media and even in schools? How to argue in a way adapted to the audience level (especially the public from Europe, pummeled by its media)?"
Michel Collon also has his conspirationist idea about who is behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre:  
"The Kouachi brothers were in fact trained and armed by Fabius and his pals to make war on a government that was inimical to the multinational corporations from the U.S. and elsewhere."  

Note: Laurent Fabius is a former French PS minister who is considered to be Jewish.

Several French far left groups have campaigned very efficiently against Collon because of his being a conspiracy theorist and connections with far right antisemitic groups.  See Conspis hors de nos villes and

Ilan Pappé seems to have no objections to be associated with the "king of Belgian conspiracy theorists"... 

Michel Collon's blog: Investig'Action

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