Monday, July 3, 2017

German news agency DPA correction: Jerusalem in Israel, not Palestinian Territories

Via Camera:
CAMERA's Israel office yesterday prompted correction of a DPA (Deusche Presse-Agentur) photo caption which erroneously placed Jerusalem, Israel's capital, in the Palestinian territories. As noted yesterday on CAMERA's Snapshots blog, the English caption of the German news agency had stated:
Gilad Grossman, spokesman of the human rights organisation Jesch Din, in Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories, 26 June 2017. 
The Israeli government has approved the first state-sanctioned settlement in the occupied West Bank since the beginning of the Oslo peace process. The settlements are widely regarded as illegal under international law. Jesch Din is one of the organisations contesting the move. Photo by: Stefanie J'rkel

The erroneous captions were also distributed on the photo sites of leading news agencies AP and AFP. Following communication from CAMERA staff, DPA editors noted that the misinformation was a translation error, and that the original German was correct. Editors commendably corrected the English captions (see below), which now refer to Jerusalem, Israel. The corrected corrections now appear at AP and AFP.

CAMERA had also notified DPA that a second caption was likewise incorrect. It refers to a future Israeli settlement to be built in "Palestinian territories." The land slated for the future settlement of Amichai is in disputed West Bank land, Area C, not under Palestinian control, and is therefore not part of the "Palestinian territories." The final status of this land is to be determined in negotiations, and has not yet been resolved.
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