Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Germany: The jihadist, anti-Semitic propaganda at Berlin's Al-Quds Day march

Via i24 News:
Hidden Jihadist propaganda is on the rise at Berlin's anti-Israel Al-Quds Day march, experts have warned after June’s event. According to a new report by an anti-Semitism watchdog, the march featured clear calls for the destruction of Israel, despite attempts by organizers to avoid being labeled as anti-Semites.

The Berlin-based Department for Research and Information on anti-Semitism (RIAS), together with the Jewish Forum for Democracy and against anti-Semitism (JFDA), found that a visible number of the participants in the march held on June 23rd, displayed signs or posters with clear references to Hezbollah or to Shiite jihad against Israel. Over 600 people took part in the annual march in the western part of Berlin's city center.


The report also highlighted a remark by the march's organizer, Jürgen Grassmann, saying that “we aren’t making a peace demonstration, rather a demonstration against Zionism and against the State of Israel.” According to the report, he also stated that “the State of Israel will be ended and we are here to accelerate the process.”

Another speaker, Christoph Hörstel from the fringe party Deutsche Mitte, cautioned participants not to dub Israel a “child murderer,” even though “it is true. This is how I'm analyzing it, how I'm writing and saying it.”

“It is clear that this is all camouflage,” argued Steinitz. “The organizers also often invite members of the Neturei Karta sect [an extremist group of Haredi Jews opposed to Zionism and the state of Israel], to give the impression that this is an inter-religious demonstration against the State of Israel.”

At the demo, Grassmann introduced the Neturei Karta speakers by saying: “These are religious Jews, they fight Zionism. […] The Jews are our brothers, but only the believing Jews. Only the Jews that are against Israel and stand up to Zionism, only these are real Jews. Those who call themselves Jews, the Zionists, are not believers.”

Grassmann also stated that “real Jews” wear sidelocks and some do not go outside fearing “getting dirty,” noted the report.

“This person actually defined what a Jew is to be, or not to be, using physical and personality characteristics,” Steinitz pointed out. “This use of centuries-old anti-Semitic imagery shows his deep rooted resentments.”
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