Wednesday, July 5, 2017

UK: Police asked to investigate activist over Hezbollah T-shirt

Via The Jewish Chronicle:
A self-styled socialist and anti-imperialist has sparked fury after tweeting a photograph of herself wearing a T-shirt featuring the logo of terror group Hezbollah. 
Sophie Stephenson, from Edinburgh, Scotland, posted the photograph of herself wearing the garment in the early hours of Sunday morning. 
Tweeting under the name "Sophie Geeking", she wrote: “Went out to dinner with my family tonight wearing a Hezbollah T-shirt.” 
She clarified she was aware of Hezbollah’s status as a terrror group by later writing: “My sister: What’s that? Me: A terrorist group lol.” 
In response to criticism Ms Stephenson, who is believed to have been reported to police over the post as a possible hate crime, wrote: “I have a flag too.” 
Ms Stephenson has shown her suppport for the Shia Islamist group in the past in a series of posts on her blog. She has also previously written anti-Israel essays and once used the hashtag #DeathtoIsrael after sharing an article on a car-ramming incident that left four dead in Jerusalem in January. 

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