Thursday, July 27, 2017

Germany: Jewish org: Merkel Government ‘reluctant’ to confront Muslim antisemitism

Some commentators will say that it might be too late to address this problem.

Via Legal Insurrection:
Jews do not feel safe in major German cities, says the head of the Central Council of Jews, Germany’s largest Jewish organisation. Mass-migrations from Islamic countries and the rising Muslim population are behind the resurfacing of antisemitism in Germany seven decades after the Holocaust. 
“The problem of Muslim antisemitism should be taken very seriously,” warned Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Schuster also slammed the Merkel government for its “reluctance in confronting antisemitism.” 
“Jews feel threatened in major German cities,” reported the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). “The Central Council of Jews warns that in some parts of Germany one doesn’t want to be recognised as a Jew.”
The Central Council of Jews has warned against the rising antisemitism in Germany. Josef Schuster, The head of the Central Council, told the weekly Bild am Sonntagthat “in some districts of major cities, I would recommend not to identify oneself as a Jew.” The experience shows that openly wearing Kippah or a pendent with Star of David can result in verbal and physical threats. Schuster accused the federal government of reluctance in confronting antisemitism. […] 
Schuster added that “the word ‘Jew’ is used as a term of abuse in schools and on the sports field.” The Central Council has been observing this phenomena “regrettable for some years and it is so widespread that one cannot talk of islated incidents.” Antisemitic prejudices are widespread chiefly among Muslim students. “It is therefore important that school education teaches more about Judaism to combat these prejudices.” 
“The problem of Muslim antisemitism should be taken very seriously by the whole society, without casting a general suspicion on all the Muslims,” Schuster told the newspaper. He accused the Islamic organisations of lack of commitment. All Islamic organisations could and should do significantly more. They have great responsibility when it comes to antisemitism. [FAZ, July 23; translation by author]
“Now is the right time for the Jews in Germany to make Aliyah (or return) to Israel,” commented Benjamin Weinthal, a noted political commentator and fellow for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). Weinthal, a keen observer of political developments in Germany, might be correct in his assessment when it comes to the future of Germany’s tiny Jewish community. 
Earlier this week, a study once again highlighted the issue of rising anti-Semitism in German schools. According to the study, the antisemitism “is on the rise among pupils with a Turkish or Arabic background following strict forms of Islam,” reported the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The latest report is consitant with the findings of similar studies conducted in Germany and other European countries. 

 ‘Pro-Palestinian’ demonstrators in Berlin calling for “death of the Jews” [July, 2014]:


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