Thursday, November 24, 2016

France: French ISIS operative in anti-Semitic rant: Hitler was more honorable than any Jew


French ISIS Operative Rachid Kassim in anti-Semitic rant: fhe Holocaust is a lie; Hitler was more honorable than any Jew

On September 15, 2016, French ISIS operative Rachid Kassim published a 10-minute audio message on his Telegram account in which he expressed virulently anti-Semitic and conspiratorial views about Jews, saying that the Holocaust is a lie designed to make money for Jews, and that all the atrocities allegedly committed by the Nazis against Jews are actually committed by Israel against the Palestinians. 
While anti-Semitic rhetoric is usual among jihadis, these views expressed by a Western ISIS fighter offer insight into ISIS's indoctrination and recruitment methods in the West. Rachid Kassim is a known recruiter for ISIS in Europe, and has been directly involved in inciting individuals to perpetrate terror in France.[1] This audio message forms part of his ongoing recruitment campaign. The interesting characteristic of this message is that it avoids the usual Islamic, Salafi and jihadi themes, focusing instead on sharing his paranoid worldview in which Muslims (and presumably others) are victims of a Jewish conspiracy. This broadens the appeal of the message and helps to present ISIS ideology and actions as a legitimate reaction to aggression against Muslims.

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