Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sweden: Malmö Jewish community 'takes back' Kristallnacht memorial event

Photo: Bernard Mikulic
Via SVT:

This year the Jewish community of Malmö organized its own Kristallnacht memorial event, saying that in recent years the organizers of the municipal event overlooked the memory of the Jewish experience and antisemitic hatred.

Jehoshua Kaufman of the Jewish community says that the day had been 'kidnapped by very extreme groups'.   Various left-wing and radical left-wing groups have turned the day into an 'anti-racism' day, but without commemorating the events of Kristallnacht itself, the message falls flat. 

Kristallnacht was a way for the Nazis to see how far the Germans were willing to go.  Many Germans either participated or turned away, while the rest of the world shrugged.  The message should be: we must be active and act.  Do not turn away when you see hatred.

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