Monday, November 28, 2016

Netherlands: Plot to Bomb Amsterdam Synagogue Revealed in Leaked Intelligence Reports

Via Algemeiner (h/t Honestly Concerned):
A plot to bomb an Amsterdam synagogue, planned by a Muslim terrorist cell based in the Netherlands — revealed on Thursday in leaked intelligence documents obtained by the Dutch daily De Telegraaf — is simply the latest evidence of the “very unsafe environment for Jews in the country,” a political activist told The Algemeiner.

Awi Cohen, a board member of Likud Netherlands — the Dutch arm of the Israeli Prime Minister’s party, with the self-described mission of speaking out for Jewish rights internationally — was responding to the Dutch Criminal Intelligence Agency (TFI) dossier, which describes a “James Bond-like plan” to attack a Jewish house of worship and a bank, discovered when a regular visitor to the Arrayan Mosque in northern Amsterdam was identified as a member of the group devising the strikes.

The man — referred to in the report as a “Moroccan” with a “great knowledge of Islam” — is one of a number of individuals associated with the mosque whom the TFI suspects of involvement in Islamist radicalization and jihad-related activities.

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