Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Norway: "Jew-Free" Kristallnacht ceremony in Bergen

The Kristallnacht memorial ceremony in Bergen once again boycotted Jews.

The organizers, staunch anti-Zionists who support boycotting Israel, did not invite any Jews to the official municipal ceremony.  Dozens of organizations were invited to join in planning the event, representing all the different communities in Bergen - except the Jewish community.

A few days prior to the event, the organizers tried to dismiss criticism by inviting a couple of Jews.  The Jews refused to play along and cover up for the organizers' antisemitism.

Jewish activist On Elpeleg says he came to the memorial ceremony in order to give out leaflets on behalf of the Jewish community asking to include all minorities in the future, but was roughly pushed away.

In 2014, Anti-racism group "Nye SOS Rasisme" demanded a "memorial Without Zionists" and boycotted the event when Jews were invited.

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