Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sweden: Paper criticized for anti-Semitic Trump & Netanyahu cartoon

Via the Local:
A Swedish newspaper has been criticized for running a cartoon of Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President-elect Donald Trump in which the two are being carried by an Orthodox Jew, a KKK member and a gun-carrying figure branded with the Israeli flag, with critics calling the drawing anti-Semitic.

A speech bubble placed above the two politicians in the Dagens Nyheter (DN) drawing says “Finally!” in Swedish ("Äntligen").

An image of the cartoon started to spread on Twitter over Sunday and Monday. Journalist Annika H Rothstein called it "anti-Semitic", as did Swedish writer Rebecca Weidmo Uvell.

When Weidmo Uvell sent a tweet to a DN account asking “how can you publish clearly anti-Semitic propaganda? Jews carrying Trump together with the KKK? Please explain,” the account replied “Netanyahu has celebrated Trump’s victory despite Trump’s rhetoric and the enthusiastic support he has received in the USA from the white power movement”.

“That is among the weakest arguments I have seen. The cartoon would have made Hillersberg blush. That says a lot,” responded Göteborgs Posten writer Adam Cwejman. Cwejman was referring to Swedish cartoonist Lars Hillersberg, whose drawings have also been criticized for being anti-Semitic in the past.
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