Thursday, November 24, 2016

UK: Israeli BDS Activist Among Top Candidates for Presidency of Jewish Student Umbrella Organization

Via Algemeiner:
An Israeli BDS activist who has downplayed Arab terrorism against his fellow countrymen, is one of three candidates nominated to run for the leadership of Britain’s Jewish student umbrella organization, The Algemeiner has learned.

Eran Cohen — a student at the University of York who will be contending in the upcoming Union of Jewish Students (UJS) presidential election — is a vocal promoter of divestment from the Jewish state and served as the BDS officer of the school’s Palestinian Solidarity Society (PalSoc), which held “Israel Apartheid Week” activities on campus and was responsible for the passage last year of a student government motion to boycott goods produced in West Bank settlements.

In an April 2015 oped, Cohen urged his peers at York to support the motion, calling it “an opportunity for the student body to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and send a strong message to say that the military occupation and annexation of Palestinian land for Israeli settlements must end.”

He also referred to the “ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people,” and accused the Israel Defense Forces of creating and perpetuating an “atmosphere of fear and paranoia in the West Bank [where] non-violent protests are quashed with tear-gas and batons” — without mention of the terrorist attacks committed by Palestinians against Israeli soldiers and civilians on a regular basis.

In addition, Cohen produced and acted in “Seven Jewish Children: A play for Gaza“ — staged by the PalSoc for Israel Apartheid Week — which was denounced by York’s Jewish Society (JSoc) and other organizations as antisemitic.

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