Wednesday, November 2, 2016

UK: UCL professor compares Zionism to the Holocaust

Ted Honderich is professor of philosophy at University College London.  On Twitter he defended the violence of pro-Palestinian protesters against a pro-Israel event.

Honderich is careful to talk about 'neo-Zionism', but in fact, he's talking about all Zionists.  Hen Mazzig, whom he calls a 'leader of racist neo-Zionism', is simply a pro-Israel activist.  The event was a simple pro-Israel event.

According to Hondreich, every Zionist is a racist and Nazi who deserves to be attacked simply for supporting Israel's right to exist. 

1 Palestinian students at University College London prevented or broke up a meeting to be addressed by a leader of racist neo-Zionism.

2 If you think that the reaction to this can be simple, you are a more able and quicker thinker and feeler than I am. But I know one thing.

3 Start reflection by considering whether the college should allow a meeting of a speaker of sympathy or understanding of the Holocaust.

4 That helps a little but not more than that. I don't give up on my book partly on the matter.

5 It would be at least mistaken to say or think that the size of the Holocaust makes it beyond consideration with respect to neo-Zionism.

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