Thursday, November 10, 2016

France: Sarkozy rejects non-existent Jewish demand for kosher school meals

When Europeans talk about Muslims, they often feel the inexplicable need to also add Jews into the mix, so it wouldn't look like the issue is Muslims.

Jews do not demand kosher food in French schools.  Jewish students who care about such things bring food from home or go to Jewish schools. 

Via Express:
French state schools do not offer halal or kosher meat, and never will, he said: “Some school children have special dietary needs. But I do not want to see Muslim children sat at one table and Jewish children sat at another – it is unacceptable.

'I will not tolerate any religious demands in school menus', says Sarkozy

“This is the French republic: the same rules apply to everyone. I will not tolerate any religious demands in school menus.”

He said: “If a student comes from a family who does not eat pork, well then, if ham and chips is on the school menu that day, the child can ask for a double portion of chips instead.”
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